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footprintsSummer Gathering 26-29 August 2022 at Woodbrooke

Prophet, healer, rebel, mystic, helper, builder…? Have you found a niche in the ecosystem of responses to the climate and ecological crisis? How can we support, challenge and care for each other on our different paths? What does our Quaker faith and practice bring?

Whether you are deeply and widely engaged, or feel stuck and unsure what to do next, you are welcome at our summer gathering. We will weave together short talks, response sessions and workshops, relaxation, worship and other spiritual practices. We hope to strengthen our sense of community and the connections among our diverse approaches, to open ourselves to transformation and discern some unity in a way forward together.

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by Laurie Michaelis

What is Quaker about our commitment to sustainability?

This collection of essays explores the connections between spirituality and sustainability.

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Sustainability Toolkit

QPSW and Living Witness have drawn on their collective experience and expertise to produce the Sustainability Toolkit to inspire and support meetings to respond to the Yearly Meeting call to action.


Click here to download the pdf version of the Toolkit

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions - What is the climate impact of your lifestyle?

How could you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? Check your greenhouse gas emissions with our self-assessment guide. Using the Greenhouse Gas Calculator you will be able to calculate emissions in kg of CO2-equivalent gases. The sheet is divided into parts looking at transport, energy in your home, materials and waste, food, and everything else

Some activities emit gases (e.g. methane, nitrous oxide) that have much higher impact per kg than CO2.

Download the pdf leaflets to work out your personal impact on the climate;

Greenhouse Gas Personal Calculator



Greenhouse Gas Personal Calculator



Green House Gas Calculator


Greenhouse Gas Meeting Calculator





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