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Multi-faith initiative on sustainable living

Living Witness is working with GreenFaith in developing an international faith leaders’ initiative on sustainable living, which was launched in Bonn on 9th November 2017.
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Psychological, social and spiritual approaches to change

With Climate Psychology Alliance, we hosted a day event on agency in individual and collective change at Oxford Friends Meeting House on 2nd December 2017.
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Collaborations on sustainable living

We are working more generally with networks of experts, leaders and practitioners on sustainable living in the UK and internationally.

Support for Quakers on sustainable living

And we continue to work with Quakers in Britain to support the ongoing development of Quaker approaches to sustainable living.



by Laurie Michaelis

What is Quaker about our commitment to sustainability?

Laurie Michaelis considers this question in a collection of thoughtful and reflective essays that explore his personal response to one of the major concerns of our time. His writing engages powerfully with two threads of his life that have increasingly come together in the personal witness of many Friends in Britain today: spiritually and sustainability. At the heart of the book is an enduring challenge to Friends: ‘What canst thou say?’

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Sustainability Toolkit

QPSW and Living Witness have drawn on their collective experience and expertise to produce the Sustainability Toolkit to inspire and support meetings to respond to the Yearly Meeting call to action.


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Greenhouse Gas Emissions - What is the climate impact of your lifestyle?

How could you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? Check your greenhouse gas emissions with our self-assessment guide. Using the Greenhouse Gas Calculator you will be able to calculate emissions in kg of CO2-equivalent gases. The sheet is divided into parts looking at transport, energy in your home, materials and waste, food, and everything else

Some activities emit gases (e.g. methane, nitrous oxide) that have much higher impact per kg than CO2.

(These leaflets are now slightly out of date, but still possibly useful as a consise and printable version of the Sustainability Toolkit)

Download the pdf leaflets to work out your personal impact on the climate;

Greenhouse Gas Personal Calculator



Greenhouse Gas Personal Calculator



Green House Gas Calculator


Greenhouse Gas Meeting Calculator