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Climate change has gained a high level of public awareness, but few people are ready for the deep changes needed in society and our way of life, if the worst impacts are to be avoided.

About 80 Quaker meetings are now involved with Living Witness, connecting our spiritual life as worshiping communities with our witness for a sustainable world. Momentum is growing as Friends learn and work together, with regular groups and action to green their lives and Meetings, practical projects in their local communities, and engagement with local and national government.

Quakers have a particular contribution to make in responding to climate change and other sustainability challenges. We offer a way forward based on our own shared experience. It includes a commitment to simplicity and equality; willingness to question our own habits of thought and action; and – perhaps most distinctively – Quaker processes for developing a collective will for change in our own lives, our communities and wider society.

Living Witness supports members with information and how-to-do-it guides, e.g. for working out carbon footprints, leading study groups and organising environmental audits. It also offers facilitated workshops in local Meetings. Individual Friends and representatives of Quaker Meetings are welcome at our regular national gatherings.

Human Dimensions Network

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Sustainability Toolkit

QPSW and Living Witness have drawn on their collective experience and expertise to produce the Sustainability Toolkit to inspire and support meetings to respond to the Yearly Meeting call to action.


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