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Witness of Our Buildings

Many Quaker Meetings around Britain have carried out environmental audits. The depth and breadth of investigation and analysis varies considerably from Meeting to Meeting. There are also many different ways of carrying out an audit. Some Meetings appoint an enthusiastic individual to do the work. The individual may even be self-appointed. In other Meetings the audit process has been inclusive, involving several Friends in investigating different aspects of the environmental and social effects of the Meeting, and in considering what action to take.Although an inclusive process may not be able to go into intricate technical details, it could have a greater impact on the lives of Friends and the values and practices of the Meeting than an in-depth technical process.

We recommend that as a starting point you look at the Living Witness booklet, Carrying out an environmental audit in your meeting. This offers suggestions for the process of doing an audit, and identifies priority areas and questions. There is also a sheet on working out the greenhouse gas .

If you want to go into more depth on specific issues, you might like to look at the Quaker Green Action sheets on The Witness of Our Buildings. Please note that these sheets are working documents and we are not able to keep them up to date on our own. If you have suggestions for improvement, or can offer better please contact us.

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