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You can get involved in many different ways;


1 - Sign up

Sign up to our e-mail lists for regular information, updates on events and developments in our work - CLICK HERE

2 - Join

To join Living Witness as an individual member or Meeting, please contact Laurie Michaelis (mailto: link). We ask for £10 annually for individual (concessions available – please ask if cost is a barrier for you). We ask Meetings to give at least £1 per member or attender on their list and welcome larger contributions.

If you would like to make out a standing order form, download one here

3 - Contact Us

Contact us if you'd like to get your meeting involved with Living Witness. Meetings can ask for workshops facilitated by LW staff, and for other advice and support in developing their sustainability witness. We have a variety of resources designed for Quaker Meetings developing a sustainability witness; these are all are available on our publications page.

We have found that the best starting point for most meetings is to invite us to facilitate an open session, perhaps after meeting for worship one Sunday. Sometimes the first step is a Saturday workshop for an area meeting. These kinds of events offer an opportunity for us to find out what Friends in your meeting are concerned about and what energises them, and to explore what kind of activity, dialogue or learning process might work for them. We would be happy to visit and we can discuss with you what would best suit your needs.