[Lwp] New e-mail lists at Living Witness Project

Laurie Michaelis laurie at livingwitness.org.uk
Mon Jun 2 07:31:18 UTC 2008

Dear Friends

I have, after frequent requests, set up two new e-mail lists for the 
Living Witness Project.  They are:

lwpforum at livingwitness.org.uk

you can join this list at 

This list is intended for discussion or to seek advice from other 

lwpworship at livingwitness.org.uk

you can join this list at 

This list is intended for worship sharing -- to share your reflections 
as ministry, as in meeting for worship.

I haven't subscribed anyone to either of these lists so please do 
subscribe yourself!  They won't work until several Friends have joined.  
The existing list, lwp at livingwitness.org.uk, will continue to be used by 
LWP to send out news and information.  It is not a discussion forum as 
many subscribers check their e-mail infrequently and do not want a high 
volume of messages.

Looking forward to seeing how it works.

in peace


Laurie Michaelis
5 Hutchcomb Road

01865 725244

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