Living Witness is a community that welcomes Friends who are actively discerning how we might respond to the unfolding climate and ecological crises, drawing on our Quaker values and practices. Central to this is nurturing a deepening spiritual exploration among Quakers and others, and supporting each other in the action and witness that may grow from this.

We hold a Quaker meeting focused on the Earth every Friday morning and a worship sharing session every Wednesday evening. See more information here

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Trial By Jury: commemorating the Penn and Mead trial

Sunday, 7 April

On the morning of Sunday, 7th April, Quakers will gather by the Monument to the Great Fire of London, near Gracechurch Street in the City of London, to re-create an event from early Quaker History.

The 1670 trial of William Penn and William Mead established the right of a jury to convict or acquit according to their consciences. Recent decisions by judges not to allow defendants to explain the reasons for their actions in their defence has severely eroded this right, as juries are not being given evidence that allows them to exercise the right.

Friends are encouraged to join this open-air Meeting for Worship which will be followed by a quiet, dignified and legal protest walk to Westminster.  

If inspired to do so, you are encouraged to come in period costume.


There is a whatsapp group set up now for keeping in touch about the day 



UN Special Rapporteur Statement of findings re Environmental Defenders in the UK 

following his visit in January at the start of this year. You can read the full statement of his findings in News Updates


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Local Elections in some areas - 2 May

An opportunity to have discussions with prospective Councillors regarding the local plans related to the climate and environmental crises in your area.



Quaker Gardens - Eva Koch Scholarship presentation

by Caroline Chandler - watch on Youtube -





Revising the Book of Discipline - Unity of Creation

At Yearly Meeting in 2018 Paul Parker, recording clerk, welcomed the decision to revise Quaker Faith & Practice: 

"Once in a generation, Quakers decide to take a long hard look at our faith, what it means to us, and what we can say about it. Today's bold decision to revise Quaker faith & practice means it's time for us to do that again. It's exciting. We want to hear the insights of younger and more diverse people, and set out how we are a faith fit for the 21st century. I'm looking forward to it."

Suggestions for new content are welcome and invited. If you have a suggestion to make for inclusion in the Unity of Creation chapter, please send by email to qfp@quaker.org.uk, or by writing to the Revision Committee, Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

COP28 DUBAI - Post Conference Reflections and Call to Action by QUNO's Lindsey Fielder Cook

In 'the Friend' 12 January 2024, Lindsey gives her reflections on COP28 and includes a call to action by Friends, exhorting them to send a copy of the COP28 Global Stocktake to their MP and ask a series of probing questions. For details on the questions to ask see entry in 'Opportunities for Action'  https://livingwitness.org.uk/opportunities-for-action/#wki0phm

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Quaker Earthcare Witness is a network of Quakers inspiring Spirit-led action for ecological integrity and environmental justice in the USA. You can visit their website https://quakerearthcare.org/ 

With the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter 'Befriending Creation'  and keep up-to-date on the work of Quaker Friends across the Atlantic.


NEW FOR 2024 

Courses from Woodbrooke on the Climate Crisis and Sustainability 

Take a look at what's on offer - Climate Crisis Courses


The Gathering was held over the weekend of 17-19 November bringing together Quakers from across the UK in a blended meeting of in-person Friends and Friends online. 

The main themes rising to the top by the close of this shared time together were: 

  • community and the importance of connectedness, supporting one another
  • indigenous values - learning about them and how they might be applied to our own lives
  • capitalism - what should replace it and the importance of using our imaginations to navigate our way to a new social system


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Wed 17 April

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Fri 19 April

Friday Worship


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Wed 24 April

Wednesday Epilogue


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Our weekly evening epilogue

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