Abergavenny Green Fair

EarthQuaker Issue 96

The main focus of our climate justice activity in recent weeks has been the first ever Greener Abergavenny Fair. It was a phenomenal success. A big shout-out goes to our Friend Colin Brown, clerk of Abergavenny Local Meeting, who has acted as the secretary of the Fair's steering group, but many others made a significant contribution, including the Town Council.

Abergavenny has a population of only just over 14,000, yet there were over fifty organisations with stalls in the Market Hall on 1 October 2023. Almost every imaginable strand of eco-activity was represented, from XR to Clothes Share, from Save the River Usk to Tools for Self-Reliance, from Ecochurch to the community orchard offering freshly pressed apple juice. And of course Quakers, who held a silent vigil for climate justice in the midst of the hubbub. The stalls were grouped by theme:
· Energy
· Food and Farming
· Buying Green
· Family Fun
· Nature
· Transport
· Waste
· Education
· 'Use Your Voice'.

In addition, there were talks, films, several choirs, food stalls - and a procession. Despite only limited advertising, the hall was packed with visitors including lots of children and young people. It was truly uplifting to feel the buzz and realise how many local people care enough at least to take an interest. This was the first Greener Abergavenny Fair - perhaps the next one will be even bigger and better attended!

Stevie Krayer