All Change! Making paths on shifting ground

Living Witness gathering, 26-29 August 2022

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, 1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B29 6LJ

Prophet, healer, rebel, mystic, helper, builder…? Have you found a niche in the ecosystem of responses to the climate and ecological crisis? How can we support, challenge and care for each other on our different paths? What does our Quaker faith and practice bring?

Whether you are deeply and widely engaged, or feel stuck and unsure what to do next, you are welcome at our summer gathering. We will weave together short talks, response sessions and workshops, relaxation, worship and other spiritual practices. We hope to strengthen our sense of community and the connections among our diverse approaches, to open ourselves to transformation and discern some unity in a way forward together.

Gathering fee: £330 includes accommodation and meals from Friday evening to Monday lunch.

Non-residential: £180 includes meals and refreshments except breakfast, Friday to Monday. Some camping space is available nearby.

Weekend only: £260 includes accommodation and meals Friday to Sunday

For further details and to book your place, please contact Laurie Michaelis at

Do get in touch

  • if you need a bursary to be able to attend
  • if you would like to help with running the gathering
  • if you could offer a workshop, epilogue or other activity

And please contribute to the bursary fund if you can.

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