Meetings for Worship

Deepening our spirituality in response to the Earth issues of our time

One of the groups that came out of  the Living Witness  gathering in August 2022 was a small group to discern how we might deepen our  spiritual journeys. Through discernment, reflection and learning together, we now have two flourishing meetings to which anyone in Living Witness is welcome.

Friday morning Meeting for Worship for the Earth  07.00-7.30 UK time

This starts at 07.00  with a brief introduction by  the  Elder for the day followed by a short piece of prepared ministry focused on Earth issues at around 07.05. There is then meeting for worship with ministry as led. The elder draws the meeting to a close at 07.30 and there is then a time for Afterword until around 07.45. Please feel free to leave to start your day as you need.

Selected texts of Friday morning prepared ministry can be found here

Wednesday evening Meeting for Worship/Epilogue 20.30-21.00 UK time

This is a simple weekly meeting for worship with ministry as led. There is no Afterword.

Monday morning Meeting for Worship 07.00-07.30

This is a simple weekly meeting for worship with ministry as led.


Chat is switched off during all meetings to avoid distraction.

Just contact us if you would like to join us for any of these meetings and we will send you the Zoom link which works for all meetings.


The group that upholds these processes of spiritual deepening on behalf of Living Witness consists of Laurie Michaelis, Clíodhna Mulhern, Mary Troup, Alison Crane, Jasmine Piercy, and Paul Hodgkin. We believe that if  we are going to live these times of Earth crisis then we will need a deep and rooted spirituality. This needs to draw on the knowledge of our Living Witness, Quaker,  and wider communities and on the wisdom of the Earth herself and the  other-than-human communities on which our lives depend. We know that all deepening of the spirit needs regular practice and a committed community. We  hope that together  we can build a practice and a community that helps us all to the deeper spirituality that we and the Earth so desperately need.

If you have suggestions about how we can deepen these processes, or you would like to contribute prepared ministry or serve as Elder, we would love to hear from you: contact us