Quaker Gardens - Eva Koch scholarship presentation

by Caroline Chandler available on Youtube

Link courtesy of Kim Harrison, Woodbrooke


Earth Quaker Quest 

Main Points arising from 2hr Zoom QEQ Meeting

In-person Day - Final Programme

Norfolk and Diss Area Meeting adapted the Quaker Quest format to create an Earth Quaker Quest event for Friends. There was a two hour online Zoom meeting following the Quaker Quest structure and a follow on in-person day for which they created a programme. 

Sustainability Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to support Quaker meetings on their 
journeys to becoming low-carbon, sustainable communities. 
Our commitment identifies meetings as having particular tasks 
in realising this vision: meetings are asked ‘to consider how 
truth prospers with regard to sustainability, taking care to relate 
this to all our testimonies – peace, truth, simplicity, equality 
and care for the environment’ and ‘to practise speaking truth to 
power at a local level.



Transforming Impasse

The way through conflict with Quaker listening 


Quaker Council for European Affairs

Be the Change

Five study group sessions exploring Quaker witness to our values

Author: Laurie Michaelis