Experimental Q & A

earthquaker Issue 92

Are you aware of the way water is used in the production of things you buy? Consider limiting the amount of chemicals or pollutants you add to your waste water.

Are you aware of your use of water - domestically? If you haven't already done so, consider installing a water meter.

Do you consider the plight of the one in nine people worldwide who do not have access to clean drinking water?Remember that there are charities, such as Water Aid, who help to provide safe, clean water, and consider supporting them.

Do you appreciate the glory of rain? Remember to do all you can to conserve it, and be grateful for it.

Do you know that the plastic microbeads used in many skincare products for exfoliation are polluting our lakes and oceans worldwide? Consider only buying products that do not list ‘polyethylene’ or 'microbeads‘ as ingredients — and consider using instead. natural sugar or salt scrubs that can easily be made at home. You could also consider buying products which list natural ingredients such as pumice, walnut husks, oatmeal or apricot, as exfoliants.

Jan Pawson