earthquaker Issue 92

I grew up on the slogan that the personal is political.
It cuts both ways, the political is also personal, the politics of love is spiritual.

I believe in the sun, even when it's not shining
I believe in love, even when I don't feel feel it
I believe in God, even when he is silent,

I rarely use the language of God, but don't want to dishonour the anonymous Holocaust victim who wrote these lines in the darkest of times.
I believe in life's longing for itself, even when the humans at the top of the foodchain seem bent on destroying it.

Environmentalists act with religious zeal, complain our political opponents.
Quakers are getting too political complains the occassionnal Sunday worshipper.
Isn't a Quaker someone who puts faith into practice? As a Green Quaker who tries, I will say yes to both charges, not guilty, but response-able.

I believe in Quakers putting our faith and love into practice.
We are adventurers, wonderers. In any adventure, the odds are tough, the stakes are high and the outcome is uncertain.

The planet will be fine, whatever we do, it's a rock.
It's ability to sustain life is much less certain.
Life becomes more precarious with every ton of carbon emitted, every tree logged or burnt in forest fires, every square metre of melted permafrost, every human act of cruelty, indifference.

Love, life's longing for itself, is made more visible, solid and secure with every wise decision, every living thing protected, ecosystem restored restored, every human act of kindness.

We are the Generation that will decide which prevails.

Lesley Grahame