Active Hope

after Alfabet, by Inger Christensen

EarthQuaker Issue 95

is for apple. And apricot:
Apricot trees exist.

Our ark - such abundance!
All that air, all those animals. Amongst whom
angry apes that make the angels weep, yet
we have agility. Artistry. Adaptability.
Freed, we are Ariel.

Abundance is hope.
Action is hope.

Cancer and casual cruelty, true.
(And who provoked Caliban's curses?)
But chaos and crisis
can be chances for change.
Children too can cross chasms.

C is for creation.
Carbon: what we are created from.
Community: what we can create.

Community is hope.

for trees, what else? Trees exist.
Trees persist. They can teach us:
tenderness, touching, transmission
of tradition. Transient as we are, time's toys.
Our tears redeem us. I think this
tentatively. Tomorrow will tell.

Let's try to trust; together, there's hope.

am not the I  I intended to be.
I can't love the I  I am,
isle full of noises signifying nothing.
Intelligent enough,
yet I shut my eyes. Why?

Imagination is hope.
I am not an island. I invite you in.

for vitality, for vision, for things
being various and vivid.
No more versus or vying!
Every one shall sit under their own vine.
V is for victory over violence.

Earth. In all this emptiness
it's everything. Why would we end it?
I call heaven and earth to witness
this day against you, that
I have set before you existence
or extinction. So choose life.

is for hope.
After so much hubris, hope is hard.
We don't have to be heroes, but
we could aspire to be harmless.

How can I be happy
while there is hunger and hate?
Hearts in my homeland
have grown hard, hands,
help are withheld.
Our home could be heaven.
Sharing a hearth, all can have a haven.

Ocean, ozone, oxygen ...
our Earth's round O  a full breast.
The O of home - but we don't own it.
Omphalos, ovum, fons et origo
alfalfa to omega-3...

Owing others all we are, let's be openhearted.

Precious planet: provider of plants,
populations, plenitude - peacocks
and passionfruit! Our playground.
We had a paradise. Predators, we plundered it,
pissed on it. Been a plague
and a parasite.
Will we pull it to pieces utterly?

Pray for it. Protect it. Protest for it.
Persistence is hope. Participation is hope.

is for Earth. Every time. For everyone.

Stevie Krayer