Winchester Meeting Spreads the Message of Hope

EarthQuaker Issue 97

F/friends of Winchester Meeting and our Peace and Justice Group spent an hour in the High Street. We wanted to spread a message of hope, and that we do have agency, even though the results of what we do are usually invisible, underground.

Irene Ashby

The image was inspired by the wonder of what happens under our feet in the soil. A network of roots, underground threads of fungi, microscopic creatures and organisms together in their interactions create the fertility of the soil on which life on Earth depends. They all are part of the web of life.

We too – each of us – are part of this web of life, connected in some way to everyone and everything. We all play our part and, for better or worse, affect the world around us. Even if we can’t see the results and it doesn’t make the headlines, this means we have the power to make a difference. It matters what we do.

Winchester Quaker Peace and Justice Group